Expert, friendly service

We were very pleased with everything Melita did for us. She answered all our questions and returned calls promptly if she wasn't immediately available. Everything in the info package she sent made our trip easier and more enjoyable. We will definitely ask her to plan our next trip.

An experienced and helpful travel advisor

Melita was very helpful to us as we planned our first European river cruise. We had a hundred questions and she always had the time to answer. Moreover, she thought of things to tell us that we should have asked but didn't. Without a doubt, our vacation turned out better thanks to Melita's experience and guidance. We had such a wonderful time that we put a deposit down on another cruise and we will look forward to working with her again to plan that trip. We would (and already have actually) recommend that anyone planning a trip choose to work with Melita.

Expert travel arrangements - no issues

Melita has been part of my travel life for many years. Her talent is valuable and she is very accommodating from all aspects. I will not go out of town for a vacation unless she plans it. You are wise to have her on the Cadence team? 

Every single thing was absolutely perfect

Hi Melita,

We've been back to real life for a few days now, and can't thank you enough for the incredible trip you helped us plan for our honeymoon.  Every single thing was absolutely perfect, and we wish we could do it all again.

When we first decided to go to Greece, we wavered a bit on whether or not to use a travel agent.  We had never used one before, and none of our friends used one for their honeymoons, so we weren't quite sure what a travel agent would add to the experience that we couldn't do ourselves.  In all honesty, we opted to go with an agent out of convenience - we both were super busy at work and didn't have much time to put into planning our honeymoon, so thought it would be easier to have someone do it for us.

But the trip we ended up with was so much more than we ever dreamed of - so much better than we would have been able to plan ourselves - and we can't thank you enough for that.  Everything was amazing.  The hotel in Athens was perfectly located, comfortable, and high quality.  We spent most of our time in Athens seeing the sights, but the Hera Hotel was the perfect place to come home to at the end of each day.

Naxos was far and away our favorite destination out of the three - we would have never known to go there if you hadn't suggested it.  We are so glad that you were able to turn our request to stay at the Naxian Collection into a reality - we have never felt so at home in such a luxurious place with top-notch service.  A little part of me wants to lie and say it was horrible so that you don't send any other clients there and it remains a secret piece of paradise, but it was hands down the best hotel I have ever stayed in.  The hotel is small and the staff is friendly, the service is personal and attentive, the grounds were beautiful and eco-friendly, and we had the perfect mix of relaxing and being active while there.  We explored Naxos town, several beaches, and drove through the mountains, and still had plenty of time to nap by the pool.  We can't wait to go back!

As expected, Santorini was breathtakingly beautiful - unlike any other place we had ever been - and Belvedere Suites was the perfect spot for us to settle in.  Our room was upgraded, which was a nice surprise, and after a little trial and error, we learned that the best sunset views in the area were from our very own balcony.  We made a point to head back to home base each night to watch.  We hiked from Fira to Oia on the suggestion of a friend, and it was an incredible way to see the island.  The catamaran sail was better than we ever expected.  We spent five hours sailing around the Agean, swimming, relaxing in the sun, and eating and drinking.  The 2-person crew was wonderful to spend the day with, and our only wish was that the sail never ended.

While we had no idea what to expect working with a travel agent, with each new part of the trip, we looked at each other and agreed that we would not have been able to plan a better honeymoon on our own.  From little things like being in top tier cabins on the ferries (we wouldn't have even known it was an option) to upgrades at Belvedere Suites and Sofitel for our last night, and big things like swapping our Naxos accommodations so we could stay at the Naxian Collection, we are so grateful to have had you to take care of everything.  Having transfers to and from our excursions and transportation/hotels took away any uncertainty we may have had if we had to figure it out on our own.  The only downside is that it had to end.  We can't wait for our next big adventure, and whether that takes us back to Greece or somewhere new, we will certainly come straight back to you to help us make it perfect.

Many, many thanks for everything.  Hope you enjoy these few photos from the trip.

All the best,

Outstanding and Competent

Melita has been my travel gal for the past 10 years. I used to plan my own trips until a good friend referred me to her. She is a great professional and has been able to plan complex trips for me. She makes sure that the hotel rooms have the best locations, the transfers are on time and the sightseeing is organized without any issues. This last trip to Europe was just one of many excellent vacations. I have referred her to all my friends and family and look forward to planning many more trips with her in the future.

Outstanding planner and expediter

I have utilized Melita for a number of trips over many years. She has always provided excellent ideas and helped make our trips more enjoyable. Keeps track of trips in progress and intercedes to resolve issues as they arise. Without a doubt, the best agent I have ever had.

Very helpful service and always there for you.

Melita gave us an excellent review of our trip and lots of help with the shore trips available. We really enjoyed this cruise. Thanks Melita, Cadence, and Oceania.

Super helpful

I've sent a lot of business Melita's way over the past year and it seems now as if she were part of my office - indispensable. I can call her anytime and by the next day she will have it or something better arranged for me.

Perfect Travel Advisor

Our flight to Europe and car rental was very well planned and everything went smoothly. We used Melita's services for a long time and will continue to do so.

Very helpful, excellent service

We really appreciate Melita's expert service. Thank you!

Very thoughtful and thorough

I am thankful to have Melita "on my team" helping me and advising me on my travel needs. I can count on her.

Helpful, professional, friendly, knowledgeable service

Melita was extremely helpful in handling all our cruise, flights, and Germany trip. I can highly recommend Melita's sevices.

Awesome travel advisor!

Melita does an amazing job. She has planned a number of trips for me over the years. She is well travelled herself and understands the view point of the traveler coupled with her personal experience and her professional knowledge. I have traveled to Australia, Austria, Switzerland, London, the Tulip Time River Cruise through the Netherlands plus other short trips here in the states. The things she had suggested and the excursions she planned added so much to the trip. She thought of things I never would have. I would not think of planning a trip without her expertise. She takes treats you like she would want to be treated. She takes the time to get to know you and then plans the perfect trip to your desired destination. I highly recommend her.

Excellent efficient agent!

Melita is always helpful and knows how to make our trip successful and fun. She answers all our questions right up to the time we leave, so we are never left wondering what to do or when. She helps prepare us, so that when we do leave, we are off on our adventure with no concerns. She has everything planned and laid out for us. She has good suggestions for making our trip memorable. She has helped us extend our trip with other activities or excursions that made it all the more special. I really appreciate her expert help in creating our travel experiences.

Very helpful and friendly

We can always count on Melita to make our trips interesting and without problems. She has bin doing this for us for maybe twenty years and I hope she will continue to do so.

Expert Planning

Melita planned an amazing honeymoon for my husband and I. She gave us great options to choose from in the areas of lodging, activities, and restaurants. She is incredibly quick to respond to any questions sent her way. I highly recommend Melita as a wonderful travel agent.

Commitment towards her job

Melita did her job in a business-like manner and went beyond what was expected of her. She went the extra mile on our behalf., when it was needed. We can only recommend her services.

Highly Recommend

Melita is extremely efficient and on top of things.  I never feel I have to worry that she will not follow up.  She not only follows up on my requests, but also provides alternatives to assure I have the maximum choices and also provides options that are more cost effective.  I will continue to use her and recommend her to my friends.

Excellent in every way

Her suggestions were very helpful. Excellent planning and follow-up. 

Taipei redux

Flew from San Diego to San Francisco then to Taipei, Taiwan for a reunion with old friends.  Outstanding trip except for having to pay $7.00 for a beer on the United flight.Short layover times between flights. Highly recommend Melita who we've used before when taking cruises.


Melita has planned/booked several domestic flights and an international trip for me over the last six years and they have all been wonderful. Her knowledge and experience keep me coming back. She keeps current, is responsive, a pleasure to work with, and I trust her judgement.

Very highly recommend

Melita is very friendly, personable, efficient, and reliable.  You can count on your trip being fun and exciting, relaxing and enjoyable.  Whatever Melita had booked for you will run smoothly and satisfactorily.  Melita is always available when you need her expertise.  She has been in the travel business for a long time, and you can rely on her to get things done right the first time.  Happy travels.  Melita always takes good care of her clients and enjoys the trust of many repeat customers who have had safe, memorable trips all over the world with Melita's attention to detail and insightful suggestions for booking just the right kinds of trips/tours for the right kind of people. 

Terrific Panama Canal plus family/friends visits

Smooth as silk, Melita covered all our needs including handicap requirements and personal preferences.  She has been our travel agent for over 30 years and we are not about to change!

Top Recommendation possible

Melita, as usual, provided us with outstanding service.

Highly recommended!

I have been a client of Melita Hein for a number of years now. I was originally referred to her by some friends who are world travelers. There is nobody I trust more than Melita when it comes to planning a trip for me & I have NEVER been disappointed!!! I just returned from a trip to London & a river cruise thru The Netherlands & Belgium. It was amazing! She is very organized & her main interest is that you have a very comfortable, enjoyable & memorable trip. She gives great attention to detail & designs a trip tailored to you! I cannot say enough good things about Melita! She will continue to be my travel agent for future trips!!!! I highly recommend her!!!